Clinical-Grade™ Products

Better wellness has to stand on solid science – that’s why all our ingredients meet the Cosēva Clinical­-Grade standard and layer together for simple wellness.

Simple, Solid Science to Reveal Your Full Potential

Every essential oil company seems to have a different grade — aromatherapy grade, therapeutic grade, medicinal grade, 100% pure, etc. — and understanding what they mean is confusing.

Cosēva Clinical­-Grade is a quality standard we created ourselves, and here’s why we did it.

Many essential oils are adulterated or diluted for cosmetic and beauty products. Those oils won’t balance your mind, body, and spirit. We care about your health and follow an uncompromising process to make sure nothing but the purest essences reach your body.

Verifiable Quality and Testing

Each one of our essential oils begins with ingredients that have been rigorously tested — both clinically and socially — to provide results. Every batch is GC/MS tested by Applied Essential Oil Research, a third party lab, to verify the quality and purity of our oils.

If the oils are adulterated in any way or don’t meet our high quality standards, we don’t use them.

Clinical-Grade Quality for Every Product We Create

Cosēva Clinical­-Grade doesn’t just apply to our essential oils. The purest ingredients are chosen for each product we create. But, you need more than carefully scrutinized ingredients to discover well­-being. We rely on science to give you products with clear benefits that layer with one another to make wellness simple. 

Help Us Make Wellness Simple

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